Making our video “Kiss of the Siren” at the windmill

Our performance group had a great movie-making session at the windmill of the Fröttmaninger hill in Munich.
The video for the song “Kiss of the Siren” will tell a small part of the musical “Wellenreiter”.

The subject also addresses the main source of land-based microplastics that end up in our seas, (the result from the abrasion of tyres). In our video, the tyre dust rises from a parking lot and is carried by the wind over the Fröttmaninger hill and dances to the Isar, from where it finally floats into the sea.

Actors on the hill:
Sarah Nürnberger, Chris Dollinger, Martina Loibl, Dani & Maxine Fölsner, Paula Gimkiewicz.

More pictures on facebook.

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